Celebrating You



St Vincent's is proud of aged care.

Because for every news story you hear about aged care, there are thousands of amazing stories happening in homes across Australia each day.

Wonderful, uplifting stories. Stories of struggles. Stories of triumph. Stories of new discoveries. Small stories, and some stories that stretch back 100 years.

For this reason, St Vincent's have put together a three part video series focusing on the great relationships and stories within aged care that often go unnoticed.

Residents, family members, nurses, volunteers, pastoral carers, lifestyle workers -- We want to Celebrate You.

This 1st season chronicles the friendships and community formed among nine residents, staff and volunteers.




The stars of Episode 1


A true creative whose designs reflect her vibrant personality. Jo has been a part of our lifestyle team at Mitchelton for over 10 years and is well known for going above and beyond in her work.

Outside of work, she often spends time creating costumes and thinking of activities to entertain our residents. She is described as someone who lifts others up, recently starting a painting program, showing residents they are never too old to start something new.  


She’s loud, big hearted and all round a wonderful person. Claire brings exuberance in abundance to our home at Mitchelton. Being part of the lifestyle team she sees it as her mission to bring joy to our residents each day.

Claire has been a part of the team for 12 years now and every day of those 12 she’s gone out with a smile and excitement. When she’s not dressing up and putting on a fantastic show she’s walking the halls of the home making sure everyone feels right at home.  


Bette is known around our home at Mitchelton for always having a smile on her face. She is described by her family and friends as a “very bright spark” with a caring nature and has remained fiercely independent throughout her older years. Bette was feeling very unsafe in her own home so without telling any of her family she decided to make the big move into retirement living.

While she was a resident in the retirement village she volunteered her time in the aged care home and eventually decided to move in. The transition has been very smooth for Bette as she’s even picked up a new talent, painting! She has a wonderful long standing relationship with Jo and Claire, who she met when she was a volunteer in the home.




"Community is everything. Connection is everything and listening to people is everything."

Brett Englart - Living Support Manager at Carseldine

The stars of Episode 2

No matter where in life Brett has taken his talents, he’s always had a passion for service. From sales to web design, from assistant nurse to now Living Support Manager in aged care, Brett brings passion and experience towards making the lives of residents better whenever and wherever he can.

Brett fancies himself a fan of the quiet life having recently bought himself a block of land with a cooler climate and a head of cattle always nearby. But did you know he’s an artist too? Finding time to hone his craft at home, Brett is continually learning how to show and describe form through drawings about life as he sees it.

Brett’s ‘still-waters-run-deep’ demeanour and his love and admiration for seeing the good come out of everyone everyday make him not only outstanding person, but an all-important part of the St Vincent’s aged care community.

With a natural ability to bring out the best in people, Jeanette continues to inspire and uplift others. At Carseldine, she runs a multitude of programs for Independent Living and Residential Aged Care residents. These include art classes, body percussion sessions, musical spoons classes and an upcoming resident choir. Her motivation is not to seek praise or attention but to instil kindness, share her talents and inspire individuals to live fulfilling lives. She recognizes the importance of keeping minds active and believes that creativity plays a significant role in staying alert, focused, and socially engaged.

Jeanette is a shining star who has recently achieved newfound stardom as part of the Celebrating You campaign, captivating audiences through billboards and screens across Australia. However, to those who know her well, Jeanette has always been a star.

Tess has had to face adversity her whole life -- a husband who passed away early on in her children’s lives; the challenge of working as a teacher as a single mother. Life has been an uphill battle and a spiritual and emotional journey for much of Tess’ life, but through it all she’s grown and succeeded.

Now living in aged care, Tess is still learning and still growing. The challenges don’t change, but she has. Feeling stronger in her faith and self-confidence more than ever, Tess has found her slice of peace and joy through art, kindness and community at a time of life she least expected it.

Tess is an incredible person and an inspiration to whoever she meets (especially the St Vincent’s Care team!) and we’re so excited that she could be an integral part of Celebrating You.




"You can play a song that everyone knows and they sing along to and any sort of emotional trauma that's happened can be alleviated and or sort of helped in some way."

Robert Zosars - Activities Officer at Bardon

The stars of Episode 3


At St Vincent’s Bardon, Rob’s the music guy. Starting out as a cleaner at St Vincent’s Bardon aged care, management quickly realised the talent that Rob had for making residents smile with his skills on piano. Having studied music at university, Rob was able to bring his love and knowledge of the craft to his current role as an Activities Officer serving as the ultimate conversation piece between him and new (and existing) residents. 

For Rob, music isn’t just about entertainment, it’s about relationships. And when we chatted with Rob about his experiences working in aged care, we were blown away with the impact that he had on the entire Bardon community of residents, staff & families through his playing. 

We all love Rob’s simple and honest approach to aged care and we know you will too! Watch episode 3 and get to know Rob like we have. 


After dealing with loss, Pat found it hard to find people that she could connect with again.  

But since moving to Bardon Aged Care, Pat not only discovered a means to release emotional trauma but also realized the vibrant life that exists within aged care. Aged care wasn’t just a place where Pat could be safe and looked after, it became a real source of companionship and support she had never imagined before. 

Don’t let Pat’s quiet demeanour fool you – she’s full of a lot of love and a lot of life.  Watch episode 3 and meeting darling Pat for yourself. 



Since moving to St Vincent’s Bardon Aged Care, Jan has gotten back in touch with her choir girl roots to be a keen musical companion for Bardon Activities Officer, Rob. 

Every sing-a-long, every concert, Jan is giving it her all and we’re loving every moment of it. 

Jan's contributions stand out as a testament to the enduring power of music to evoke both nostalgia and a sense of belonging. So, if you haven’t already, watch episode 3 and get to know the extraordinary Jan for yourself. 


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