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Christmas at St Vincent's Care Services

14 December 2018

Residents, staff and volunteers across St Vincent's Care Services facilities are getting into the Christmas spirit, and have been busy decorating their homes in preparation for the festive season.

St Vincent's Care Services Bardon

The facility's talented Kitchen Supervisor has created four fabulous cakes which are on display in the reception area for all to enjoy.

Bardon_Christmas_cake_3 Bardon_Christmas_cake_1 Bardon_Christmas_cake_2 Bardon_Christmas_cake_4

St Vincent's Care Services Hawthorn

The atmosphere at St Vincent's Care Services is very festive, thanks to the hard work of residents and staff in making beautiful decorations to display around the facility. 


St Vincent's Care Services Mitchelton

Residents and staff have been working hard over the past three months making crochet and knitted squares for a very special large project - a handmade Christmas tree! 

Every Wednesday afternoon a “Crochet for a Cause” group meet at the facility, and about four months ago Lifestyle Officer Joanne found a picture on Pinterest of a crochet Christmas tree. On showing it to the group they all became very excited and so the project was born.

This project excited everyone across the facility and it brought everyone together, with aged care residents, independent living unit residents, staff and management all joining in to contribute to the tree's creation. 

The need to build a frame became an issue, until one of the resident's wives came up with the clever idea of using PVC plumbing pipe. Ceska measured, cut and built the frame herself.

Once completed, Christmas lights were attached to the inside and the whole frame was covered in red netting. Joanne from Lifestyle stitched all the squares together and made a star for the top of the tree.

The tree is now on display in the facility's large main room for everyone to enjoy.

Mitchelton_Christmas_tree_2 Mitchelton_Christmas_tree_3  Mitchelton_Christmas_tree_5