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Consumer Experience Survey results - Community

04 September 2020

Dear Community Clients, and families. 

Thank you for your valued feedback and participation in our very first consumer experience survey in July 2020.  We were fortunate to receive such valuable insights and feedback from our many families, friends and carers. Thank you! 

For context, many of you would not be aware that St Vincent’s Care Services has been on a transformation journey of its own over the past 9+ months. One of these changes was the creation of a small team to help us focus on listening to the voice of our consumers to help us make more informed decisions - hence why the introduction of these surveys are so important to us.  We hope to  repeat these surveys in the future to ensure we are always listening to you.    

Speaking of listening - 93% of you who participated in the survey thought we were doing a good job and said your overall experience with St Vincent’s Care Services was positive.  However, 7% of you think we have some work to do.  

The strongest themes around areas for improvement were around need for better communication, and not enough access to services or support. 

On the opposite end of the feedback scale, the themes that were the most positive were around our staff and how knowledgeable and caring they are. This positive feedback also included how the services we provide always meet your expectations, and that our staff consistently make you feel welcomed, valued and safe.    

The feedback you have provided remains anonymous and has been passed on to our National Community Manager to work with each of the relevant  community coordinators, to address feedback and look for ways to continuously improve on what we do.   

I do hope that you notice improvements in our services in the coming months.   

I am looking forward to being able to regularly report back on improvements  we have initiated from your feedback and I hope you will participate in consumer experience surveys in the future.   

In the interim, if you do have further feedback you would like to share, you have several options:      

- Speak with your Community Care Coordinator – you can raise an informal or formal complaint;  

- Get in touch with our central Contact Centre team to discuss your concerns on 1800 778 767 or via  

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.  

All the very best. 

Prue Densley 

Executive General Manager, Consumer Experience 

St Vincent’s Care Services