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Dementia Action Week

16 September 2019

With an estimated 447,115 Australians living with the condition, and it now being the second leading cause of death in Australia, dementia is a condition of major concern and impact across the country.

St Vincent's Care Services provides accommodation, services and care for residents and clients living with dementia, from assisting clients in their own homes to manage developing symptoms, to providing 24-hour dedicated care in compassionate and comfortable secure living environments at our residential aged care facilities. 

Because dementia is not one specific disease, and affects people in many different ways, we recognise the importance in delivering tailored care for those living with dementia, and work with residents, clients and their families to find a care plan that is right for them. There is a variety of ways we support our residents and clients with dementia, including:

  • discovering an individual's favourite hobbies and past-times and engaging them in these activities
  • getting to know their life story to assist staff in making connections
  • involving residents in meaningful, everyday activities to foster a stronger sense of purpose - such as cooking activities, helping to fold laundry, and gardening
  • providing activities involving the senses, such as music therapy, aromatherapy and movement classes.

If you have questions about dementia and our approach to caring for our residents living with dementia, please speak to the Clinical Manager at your local St Vincent's Care Services facility.

Dementia Action Week is being held 16 - 22 September 2019 by Dementia Australia, and aims to raise awareness about the disease and reduce the level of discrimination on people living with dementia. Anyone can develop dementia. Dementia doesn’t discriminate, but we can change how we respond to and behave around people living with dementia. To understand more, Dementia Australia has put together a list of resources to assist everyday Australians to better understand dementia, and how they can help those living with the condition in the community. Visit