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Shirley and the Sunny Side Up Singers!

18 October 2019

A music-loving resident at St Vincent's Care Services Toowoomba received a lovely surprise recently, during a performance by some visiting musicians.

Shirley, a relatively new resident at the facility, accepted an invitation from a member of the Leisure and Lifestyle team to attend a concert by a local choir.

While the two of them were getting ready, Shirley told the staff member that she used to be part of a singing group and how much she enjoyed it. 

When they arrived at the activity room for the concert, Shirley was delighted to see that the “Sunny Side Up” singers were about to perform...the very group that she used to sing with!

There were delighted faces and hugs all around and instead of being part of the audience, Shirley once more became part of the choir!

Shirley remarked that she didn't know why she ever stopped singing, but from now on, every time the Sunny Side Up singers visit SVCS Toowoomba, Shirley will be up front and part of the group, to the delight of all!

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