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Toowoomba's new furry resident

10 December 2019

Residents at St Vincent's Care Services Toowoomba have welcome a new neighbour to their home.

"Silky" the puppy moved into the facility's dementia care community Canossa just before Christmas, and his arrival has brought delight to residents, staff and visitors. 

After just a few short weeks, Silky has settled in at St Vincent's Care Services Toowoomba and is much loved by everyone, thanks to his cute scruffy appearance and willingness to accept pats from everyone!

Some of the benefits of pet therapy in aged care are well recognised and include: 

  • Decreased blood pressure and stress
  • Improved communication and reminiscence
  •  Many people who are normally unresponsive to other therapies may ‘brighten up’ and ‘chat’ with a pet.
  • Pets are a wonderful source of interaction, entertainment and enjoyment.
  • Animals accept people unconditionally and this can be heart-warming and soothing for residents.
  • Pets are emotionally safe and non-threatening. They don’t discriminate or impose demands.
  • They live for the moment and interacting with them often helps residents concentrate on the present and stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.