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Why people love St Vincent's Care


This is our promise to you and you. Our vibrant retirement communities will make you feel like family in no time.

Continuity of

With services in Home Care, and co-located Aged Care homes, you can have peace of mind that there's support for you to continue to live your best life.

Fair and transparent

We don't hide behind complicated language. We'll be open with you at every stage of your retirement living journey.

Our people

Our people see supporting your village as a part of our mission. From the maintenance staff to the facility managers, you'll see that heart of service and care in action.

Our Retirement Living Services

Retirement Living at St Vincent’s on the Sunshine Coast offers relaxed and friendly independent living communities. Our retirement villages typically include:

Well-equipped entertainment areas

Activities and get-togethers

Villages buses for trips and outings

Closely located to shopping

Churches located on-site or nearby

Meet your Retirement Living Sunshine Coast Team


Your first point of contact while living in a St Vincent’s retirement village. They handle everything from maintenance requests to questions about the village.

Village managers

Village managers handle queries and questions in relation to everyday life. They also regularly meet with village resident committees to discuss activities and ways to improve the village

Maintenance & Gardening Team

The maintenance team work in the background with resident maintenance requests and keep the village grounds tidy.


Our vibrant communities are home to amazing, welcoming people who are excited to make new friends, and go on new adventures.

Frequently asked questions

A retirement village is a purpose-built community which offers a range of accommodation, services and facilities to people who want to consider a change in lifestyle to suit the next chapter of their lives. Retirement villages tend to have a strong focus on community, lifestyle and convenient access to amenities including cafes, gyms, pools, communal dining areas and more.

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It’s important to remember that retirement living isn’t aged care. Residential aged care homes (also referred to as nursing homes) are a residential setting in which residents have constant access to high levels of care.

Retirement living communities are a place people move into to maintain their independence and keep living life on their terms.

People move into retirement villages for choice and freedom. But what that means is different for every person.

A move into retirement living could be for:

  • Better position - closer to families and friends
  • Better location - near the beach, near shops/restaurants or to live more rurally
  • A more manageable home - one that’s easier to maintain
  • Financial freedom - Spending less money on property and leaving more money in your back pocket
  • Security - locking up a home and travelling without any concern

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a retirement village that’s right for you.

Pick the village that's best for you

Making the move from a family home into a completely new lifestyle can be overwhelming, but there are steps you can take to make it more manageable.

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Is a retirement village right for me?

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Is a retirement village right for me?