Refer a Friend Campaign

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Kindness works for us

We would love to see more people like you working at SVC who are caring and compassionate, and who love to help others live their life to the fullest. 

To assist us in attracting amazing people, we are offering a bonus payment for employees who refer someone they know to join the St Vincent’s team.  

Once the person you refer has been with us for 1 month, you’ll receive a $500 bonus. If they pass their 6-month probation, you and your friend will then receive an extra $250 bonus each. 

This offer is applicable to any permanent vacant role at SVC that your friend or family member may be suitable for.  You can have a look at our current roles by clicking here.

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How do I get involved?

Step 1 - Am I eligible for a bonus payment? 

Review the Refer A Friend Terms & Conditions below and ensure you meet the criteria.

This promotion is effective as of 19 August 2022 and referrals will only be eligible for the promotion from this date.

Step 2 - I am eligible for a bonus. How do I apply? 

Complete the St Vincent's Care Services Refer a Friend Form.

Once completed in full and you have submitted the form, it will be automatically sent to our HR Team team who will complete the due diligence checks and process your payment at the appropriate times.

Have more friends to refer?

To ensure that all applications are received, reviewed and responded to in a timely manner, we accept resumes via advertised vacancies.  Advertised vacancies can be found by clicking here. Please share with your friends!

Employee Refer a Friend Campaign – Terms & Conditions 


Campaign Offer:  

A current SVCS Employee refers a friend to SVCS and if that friend subsequently is offered employment, then the SVCS Employee receives a bonus for doing so.  In addition, the successful newly referred employee also receives a bonus payment after they pass their probation.   

The offer details are:  

  1. $500 at the end of 1 month is paid to the current employee who referred the person   

  1. $250 at the end of 6 months to the current employee, once the person they referred passes their 6-month probation 

  1. $250 at the end of 6 months to the newly referred employee once they have successfully completed their 6-month probation  

The Employee Refer a Friend (ERAF) campaign is a total cost of $1000 split across the current employee that referred the friend, and the person that was referred.  The costs of this campaign is classified as the recruitment cost for one new SVC employee.  

Terms of the offer:  

  • Promotion is valid for: 

  • A current employee of St Vincent’s Care Service’s (SVCS) with minimum tenure of 6 months (casual, part time or permanent role); 

  • A current employee of St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) with a minimum tenure of 6 months; 

and hence forth known as the “current employee”. 

  • Promotion is only valid if the person(s) referred to SVCS: 

  • Becomes a permanent or part time employee; or fixed term employee (minimum of 12 months) and signs a legal employment contract during the promotion period; 

  • Is not a current employee of SVCS at the time of recruitment/employment offer. 

  • Does not obtain a position where their direct manager will be the  
    Referrer or if they as Referee obtain a position where the Referrer will report to them. 

and hence forth known as the “friend”. 

  • Promotion is not valid for referrals of temporary or casual employee placements. 


  • Promotion is not valid for certain employees within SVCS, due to the nature of their role, and possible conflict of interest, these include: 


  • Any person within the SVCS Talent Acquistion / Recruitment Team; 

  • Any SVCS employee involved in the recruitment of the ‘friend’ being referred;  

  • Any SVCS Care Services Leadership Team member. 


  • Promotion is valid for any employment role within SVCS that meets these Terms & Conditions. 


  • Promotion is only valid if the ‘friend’ is confirmed by the current employee as the ‘refer a friend’ candidate within the first two weeks of the recruitment process for the 'friends’ application. The promotion is not valid if the ‘friend’ has already accepted the role as part of the recruitment process. 


  • The current employee must send a confirmation email to the SVCS recruitment team ( ) with proof of the ‘friend’ they have put forward for employment with SVCS prior to an interview. 


  • Promotion is deemed one (1) campaign offer as listed above per 'friend’ that becomes a permanent or part time employee of SVCS, to a maximum of $750 per ‘friend’ placed.   


  • The promotion is uncapped in terms of referrals per current employee, as long as each separate, new 'friend’ they refer meets the terms and conditions and is a genuine budgeted and approved vacant role.   


  • The promotion deemed one (1) x campaign offer as listed above per new employee or ‘friend’ that becomes a permanent or part time employee of SVCS, and successfully passes their six-month probation periodto a maximum of $250.  


  • Promotion cannot be swapped or exchanged for any other gift, service or cash. 


  • First payment of $500 after the friend passes their one-month employment milestone 

  • Second and final payment of $250 after the friend passes their six-month probation 


  • The promotion will be paid in one installment to the 'friend’ as follows: 

  • First and only payment of $250 after the friend (new employee) passes their six-month probation 


  • This promotion is effective as of 19 August 2022 and referrals will only be eligible for the promotion from this date. Promotion ends 31 Deccember 2022.

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