Celebrating Aged Care Employee Day in 2023

Posted 23rd August 2023

st vincent's aged care employee illustrationsTo every employee across St Vincent's and the whole of aged care, we just want to say thank you


 Aged Care Employee Day celebrates the 370,000 workers and volunteers who bring care and compassion to residential, home, and community aged care. This year’s theme, #ThanksForCaring, celebrated the remarkable contributions of nurses, lifestyle experts, personal care assistants, allied health professionals, home care teams, hospitality stars, cleaners, admin heroes, pastoral carers, and more.



We were moved by the outpouring of compliments from our St. Vincent’s residents and families, eager to acknowledge the extraordinary staff who touch their lives. Your words of gratitude have warmed our hearts and inspired us all.


Thank you for being part of our journey in celebrating the remarkable aged care employees who brighten our days.

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