Aged care residents knit for the greater good

With many residents at SVC Bronte having a passion and talent for knitting, Lifestyle Coordinator Dana saw this as an opportunity for residents to come together and raise money for a great cause.

resident and family member

What’s better than a yarn with friends? Turning yarn into something beautiful and meaningful at the same time!

The residents have recently been enjoying catching up over a cuppa and a biscuit every Monday afternoon while they knit squares for Wrap With Love, a charity focused on providing warmth to those who need it most.

There's always a great turnout for the Knit and Natters!

The squares that residents knit are passed on to the organisation, who then combine them to make wraps for those in need. This includes individuals who have experienced loss or trauma, with residents eager to assist those currently experiencing hardship as a result of conflict in Ukraine. 

While the program is still new, Dana aims to have as many residents as possible participate, with a long-term goal of also having family members and the wider community involved too. 

“We’re really hoping to grow the program and get all the women at Bronte involved. The program has been so well received by everyone who has taken part,” Dana says. Some of the lovingly crafted wraps and blankets ready to be sent to the needy

Aside from the residents generously working towards a great cause, Dana says that those involved appreciate the social aspect of the afternoons as well. Tea, coffee, and afternoon snacks flow while residents have the chance to bond with staff and each other. “Knitting improves your coordination, can be meditative and is a great social activity. With so many residents already enjoying knitting as a hobby, this initiative is something we can all enjoy,” Dana says.

Formed in 1992, Alexandria, NSW based organisation Wrap With Love has wrapped over 414,000 people with love and warmth, in Australia and around the world. Over forty non-denominational and non-political aid agencies distribute their wraps to those in greatest need. If you’d like to find out more about Wrap With Love, visit 

If you would like to participate in the program (or maybe start a group of your own), please reach out and we will to connect you with the correct people, and aid in sharing the love throughout the  entire St Vincent’s community.  

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