UPDATE: St Vincent's staff raise money for much needed transport

Updated 12th September 2023 | Posted 17th October 2022

genesis christian college students performing and chatting with residentsStaff banded together to raise over $2000 for the new Carseldine buggy


St. Vincent's Carseldine faced a challenge due to its large and hilly terrain, which made moving around the facility a bit difficult. Recognizing the need for a solution, the team sought a golf buggy to improve operational efficiency. Thankfully, St. Vincent's Carina had a spare buggy available, but it required extensive repairs to become functional again. 

To help the community at Carseldine, the staff at St. Vincent's Care, along with their supportive family members, came together in a remarkable display of camaraderie. They organized a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Bald Hills, located conveniently near Carseldine. The event aimed to raise the funds needed to repair and maintain the golf buggy.

Their efforts yielded great results, as the BBQ raised over $2,000. With this remarkable sum, the buggy was restored to its former glory, making it fully operational once again at the Carseldine facility.

The refurbished golf buggy now serves multiple purposes, proving to be an indispensable asset. Accredited staff members operate the buggy to provide guided tours for visitors, making it easier for them to explore the vast facility. 

Additionally, the buggy plays a vital role in handling various tasks between cottages, streamlining day-to-day operations.

The maintenance team has also benefited significantly from the golf buggy's renewed functionality. It has become a breeze to move heavy objects across the expansive site, thanks to the buggy's ability to transport cumbersome items efficiently.

This heartwarming success story beautifully showcases the power of collaboration and community spirit within the St. Vincent's organization. It reflects the dedication of the workforce not only to providing exceptional care but also to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone involved.

The revitalized golf buggy stands as a testament to the profound impact that collective efforts can have. It exemplifies how small acts of kindness and dedication can lead to significant improvements, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for residents, staff, and visitors at St. Vincent's Carseldine.

17th October 2022

Who's chopping onions? Because it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye. 

St Vincent’s staff cooked snags, sliced onions and laid out the bread for St Vincent’s Care Carseldine on the weekend. 

St Vincent’s Carseldine is a BIG site. Because of this, staff applied to run the Carseldine Bunnings sausage sizzle for the day with funds raised going towards a new golf buggy to help aged care and retirement living residents (and their families) get around the site. 

Even better? Staff gave up their own time to support residents – you love to see it! 

Despite the recent price increase for the classic sausage sizzle, people were not deterred!


Facility managers, clinical managers, marketers and more joined in for the day to make it al happen. All in all over $1500 was raised getting us one step closer to getting that buggy which will make the lives of residents and families at site just a little bit easier.

Despite the success, we did hear that some staff have been (un)officially banned from onion cutting duty for life (your guess is as good as mine). 

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