Real residents and staff take the spotlight in new 'Celebrating You' series

Posted 16th June 2023

Nine residents, staff and volunteers formed the cohort of participants in the new three-part video series
At St Vincent's Care we firmly believe providing aged care isn’t just delivering a service, it’s about creating a community!  

Inspired by the many amazing stories happening in aged care homes across Australia each day, the team set out to celebrate the incredible people that make St Vincent's feel like home, launching a new three-part video series featuring real aged care residents, staff and volunteers.  

In episode 1, we meet Mitchelton resident Bette, and Lifestyle Coordinators Jo and Claire. More than just residents and staff, these three are family, supporting each other through life’s challenges, sharing a laugh and a bond.  

Bette is known around her Mitchelton home for always having a smile on her face. She is described by her family and friends as a “very bright spark” with a caring nature and has remained fiercely independent throughout her older years.  

“It was the family. That's what drew me into everything,” says Bette. 

While she was a resident in a retirement village she volunteered her time in the aged care home and eventually decided to move in. The transition has been very smooth for Bette and she’s even picked up a new talent, painting! Her wonderful relationship with Jo and Claire, who she met when she was a volunteer in the home, has only continued to grow.  

I think it was a twinkle in the eyes. She always had a cheekiness about her,” says Jo of what drew her to Bette. I think we all have got the same values… I think we look at life the same way. Don't take it too seriously. And I think we all care. 

For Claire, she sees it as her mission to bring joy to residents each day and brings exuberance in abundance to the Mitchelton home. 
The world is not narrow. The world is wide and we try and fill that wideness as much as we can, Claire says of her role. “It's also a love of a laugh and a bit of excitement and lack of predictability I think is great as well.” 

The heart-warming friendship and bond between these three is a testament to the warmth and community that can flourish in aged care. 

With the release of the “Celebrating You" series St Vincent's hopes to inspire others to see the value in aged care and see that it is not a full stop to someone’s life, but another chapter, or many chapters! 

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