School delights aged care residents with concert extravaganza  

Posted 23rd August 2023

genesis christian college students performing and chatting with residentsA visually stunning spectacle that has brought communities of all kinds together


heartwarming collaboration unfolded in the heart of Brisbane this June, as 130 residents from eight St. Vincent’s Care homes including Carina, Corinda, Enoggera, Boondall, Carseldine, Mitchelton, Bardon and Kangaroo Point embarked on a magical journey to Genesis Christian College. Here, they were treated to an unforgettable concert hosted by the dynamic Genesis Performing Arts Group. The event, aptly named ‘Come to the Table, epitomized the power of intergenerational connection through the enchanting medium of music, dance, and community. 


The stage came alive with the vibrant performances of the Genesis Performing Arts Group, a constellation of students aged 5 to 18. From the adorable mini dancers to the seasoned seniors, and the captivating show choir, the young talents showcased their skills with an exuberance that left the audience spellbound.

two genesis college students chatting with aged care residentGenesis Christian College students chatting with aged care residents


This extraordinary event was a testament to the seamless harmony between St. Vincent’s Care and the nurturing environment of Genesis College. The mission was simple yet profound – to bridge the generations and foster a shared appreciation for the arts and togetherness. 'Come to the Table' achieved this splendidly, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie where young and old celebrated life in perfect sync. 


The final notes the concert marked the beginning of a joyous sing-along, a heartwarming chorus uniting residents and students in a harmonious blend of voices. Laughter, smiles, and a profound sense of unity filled the air, creating lasting memories for everyone present. 


But the magic didn't stop there. Year 12 hospitality students from Genesis College continued to wow residents, presenting a delectable high tea service that indulged the senses and epitomized the spirit of giving. The event's essence mirrored the warm embrace of St. Vincent Care’s philosophy, where kindness and compassion intertwine. 

St Vincent's residents and staff all loved the show!


Joanne, a dedicated staff member, shared the overwhelming feedback from attendees. 

“I actually heard one of my residents on his phone with Genesis thanking them and asking for their postal address and principals name so that he can write to him personally to thank him,” she says, adding “Our bus driver was also fantastic and it was so good to be able to take our wheelchair residents along.”  


"We are looking forward to next year!" 


Nicole, St. Vincent Care's QLD State Manager, underlined the profound impact of the event, reflecting on the ethos of St Vincent’s Care“It was a demonstration of absolute true St. Vincent’s spirit and community, and Mary Aikenhead would have been bursting with pride,” she says. “The Sisters of Charity reinforce to us constantly to tell new stories as pioneers, and this is what was achieved.” 

genesis college student laughing with aged care residentResidents and students shared laughs, hugs and chats


Lorena, another staff member, gushed, "Everyone really outdid themselves! So many happy smiles and comments. The singalong was beautiful!" Her words encapsulated the sentiment shared by all, capturing the essence of a morning filled with joy. 


As the curtains drew to a close on this exceptional collaboration, gratitude flowed like a river. The tapestry of this heartwarming event was woven by the hands, hearts, and voices of countless staff members, volunteers, students, and faculty who poured their energy into creating a day that will forever shine in the collective memory. 


In the end, 'Come to the Table' was more than just a concert; it was a symphony of connection, a dance of generations, and a testament to the enduring power of music, community, and love. 

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an aged care staff member kneeling down and chatting with an aged care resident