Celebrating International Nurses Day in 2023  

Posted 12th September 2023

genesis christian college students performing and chatting with residentsSt Vincent's staff at Carseldine receiving their monthly awards


In May, an effervescent spirit of gratitude and respect swept through the corridors of St. Vincent’s, as the world came together to honour the dedication of nurses on the occasion of International Nurses Day. This joyous event, celebrated annually, served as a moving tribute to these unsung heroes who illuminate our lives with their compassionate care.  


At St. Vincent’s Carenursing is interwoven into our very fabric, flowing through our heritage. Our founder Mary Aikenhead is described as one of nursing's greatest leaders, dedicating her life to serving the poor and vulnerable. Mary reached out to those in need, providing health care, education and social services at a time when these were not freely available to the poor. 

Our rich history stands as a testament to the profound impact nurses have on our organisation and the lives of those we serve. We recognize that nursing is not just a profession here; it's a legacy, a vocation that binds us together. 

St Vincent's nurses deserve all the praise for the amazing work they do!


This year, the theme "Our Nurses. Our Future." resonated powerfully, emphasizing the pivotal role our St. Vincent’s nurses play in shaping our collective tomorrow. These exceptional individuals infuse life into our institution, ensuring its heartbeat remains strong. 

As we cast our gaze over the past few years, we are humbled to see that our nurses have worked through unprecedented challenges on the frontline to continue administering lifesaving health care to patients and residents.  

To our St. Vincent’s nurses and to all the extraordinary nurses around the globe, we extend a heartfelt chorus of gratitude. Not only on International Nurses Day but each day, let us remember and applaud these healthcare heroes for their unwavering commitment to healing, compassion, and care. 

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