A 90th party to remember

St Vincent’s is a lifestyle, and we want all our residents and their loved ones to feel at home and welcome within our facilities. 

We were recently honoured to host John Foley’s 90th birthday at our Southport home. John had a lot to be thankful for on his special night.

john foley and his familly on his 90th birthday

Thank you, do you all have a glass? To everyone for being with me on this occasion, so many of you, some from long distances and local, wonderful Rellies and Old friends, wonderful new friends and especially, thank you Mandy, my incredible daughter, my grandchildren Jaimee and Declan. Without you, none of this would’ve happened or been possible and thank you staff friends here today, and as an ‘In Family Joke’, anyone bother to thank the caterers?

John is an asset to our Southport community and we're really thankful we get to support him

May I also toast absent Friends, from near, many from far, far away, “Clover” Teachers, Students , thank you for   ‘phone calls, cards, letters, gifts and the Choir Video,  miss you all ! My Grandchildren know that  I’m “Way past my Use-By Date” – and inclined to babble but--- can’t believe I’ve lived so long. “90” and it’s all St Vincent’s fault..., . 

Staff treat me so well, like a favourite Great Uncle.

My apartment is sometimes, unbelievably busy with visitors ! 

We have so many Caring people from all over the World ---- Nepal, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Indonesia, Northern Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malaysia, Bolivia, Brazil, the U.K. and even  a few OZZIES and KIWIS !

If I rest, keeping warm, there are “Knock-Knocks” from Day Nurses with medication, Doctors visiting,  red-shirt Life-Stylers, one with a sweet Dog that hops up on my bed. Carers bring my meals, Morning, Afternoon Tea, Evening Milo, late day and the night Nurses with hot milk for my Malted Milk, they share their smiles and laughter with me.

Then there are delightful Physios, a Podiatrist and an Optometrist, the Pastor brings mail, Cleaners who also change bed linen and bring fresh towels and a Neighbour brings gossip, the list goes on and on.Thank you every one of you, for making my waning years easy and so pleasant, as did, my wonderful Marlene, when she was alive.” 

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