St Vincent’s Care are relaunching the new and improved Voices of St Vincents

Throughout 2022, we gathered research into the residents’ preferences and wants. With newfound research we have adapted and transformed existing communication channels and created new channels to meet the requests and interests of our residents. 

Based on resident feedback, we updated our monthly newsletter to site-specific newsletters and have relaunched Voices of St Vincent’s as a quarterly magazine.  

john foley and his familly on his 90th birthday

With the new and improved communication, we will be able to continue to bring stories from inside our homes, while providing site specific news to our readers.  

Prue Densley, Executive General Manager for Consumer Experience, explained the importance of capturing the lives of our residents and effectively communicating to the masses.  

“Our residents are interested and invested in their homes. To truly capture the life our residents live, we have developed site specific newsletters to explore each individual home and the unique lifestyle they have,” says Prue.  

With the ability to showcase more information and content to the larger St Vincent’s Care community, we have [metaphorically] opened the doors to our homes and provided an inside scoop into the world of Aged Care.  

“We are fortunate at St Vincent’s Care to have a diverse group of residents and employees with incredible stories to tell,” says Prue.  

“Each individual is worth celebrating and supporting as we move through the challenges of Aged Care.  

“We wanted to highlight the positive stories that are often overlooked due to the continuing changing landscape of Aged Care.” 

Voices of St Vincent’s is a periodic magazine that will showcase and share stories across five areas: Personalised Care, Community, Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle, and Mission 

Print versions of Voices of St Vincent’s have been delivered to sites, and the digital version is available on our website here.

With the expected success of Voices of St Vincent’s, we will soon be releasing our bi-yearly periodic magazine Voices of the Village, showcasing stories from St Vincent’s Care’s Retirement Villages. 

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