St Vincent’s Care for All (2022 year in review)

The Year of 2022 has been a memorable one, but St Vincent’s Care has remained positive and strong throughout.  

st vincent's celebrating foundation

St Vincent's Care Corinda navigated a flood evacuation with the help of St Vincent's staff and army personnel

A community of support through natural disasters 

At the beginning of the year, some of the facilities were affected by the floods that ran rampant down the east coast. However, with a strong and dedicated workforce all residents in effected areas were safely evacuated and temporarily replaced on higher ground. The St Vincent’s team from across different offices and facilities came together to help the people in need.  

Events throughout the homes 

During the year we have continued to support our aged care homes and retirement villages with an array of events for the residents and staff.  

Retirement Villages had a total of 35 events across all locations, from high teas, trivia nights, to paint and sips, and personal screenings of new blockbuster movies.  

Our Aged Care facilities continued to have weekly events across the homes to celebrate awareness days, holidays, life events, and more.  

At Home Care 

With our ageing population on the rise and many wanting to keep their independence for as long as they want, we continue to support our St Vincent’s @ Home program. Our community employees work across QLDNSW and VIC to help our elderly population continue their ideal lifestyle from the comfort of our own homes. With such a strong success of the St Vincent’s @ Home, the program will become its own division under St Vincent’s Health Australia.  

A team worth celebrating 

The facilities were not only a time to celebrate for the residents, but we also continued to provide support and recognition to our employees who are continuing to bring the St Vincent’s lifestyle to the community. We are blessed to have a diverse workforce our employees from different cultures and background, as well as new and established employees of up to 40 years at St Vincent’s.  

Some of our employees and programs were submitted for external awards, with many being finalists and winners across the categories. We were thrilled to see recognition for our ASPIRE program, CX team, and Erin Hartwell, for People and Culture, Consumer Experience and Emerging Leader, respectively.  

We look forward to celebrating more milestone work anniversaries with our staff in 2023.  

Donations to transform the sector 

With the establishment of the St Vincent’s Foundation, we have been blessed with donations big and small to help enhance our homes. With a total of $102,732.17 in donations including a $100,000 bequest for our Carseldine site. With the love and support of our community we hope to give back to the staff and residents in every way we can. 

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