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Australia Day at St Vincent's Care Services Kangaroo Point

29 January 2019

On Friday 25 January, residents, families and staff of St Vincent’s Care Services Kangaroo Point came together as a community to acknowledge what makes our country so great –sharing the traditions of our Indigenous people and the people from around the world who now call Australia home. 

Guests were treated to a beautiful performance of Australian songs from the facility’s famed Marycrest Melody Choir, with a number of special guest speakers also presenting. Pastoral Carer Ian and Pastoral Care volunteer Sr Cecile read A Bush Christening by Banjo Paterson, and Leisure and Lifestyle staff member Laurie read A Sunburnt Country by Dorothy McKellar. 

To complete the morning’s celebration, May, Lettie, Shanita and Kylie lead everyone in a traditional Grounding Ceremony to pay respect to our ancestors with an Ochre Blessing. Kylie received permission from the traditional owners of the land, the Turrbal and Jagera people, to share the traditional blessing with the group.

Everyone who attended had a wonderful morning and were very thankful to be included in the Traditional Ceremony – a wonderful way to recognise this great southern land.

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