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In the garden at SVCS Eltham

26 November 2019

Something lovely has been blooming at St Vincent's Care Services Eltham.

The facility is known for its spacious parkland and gardens, but a particular section of the gardens is dedicated for use by the local community.

The community garden is maintained by volunteers, predominately from the local Baptist Church, who visit every Wednesday morning to tend to the garden. They're joined by some of SVCS Eltham keen gardener residents who participate, sit in the garden with a cup of tea and listen to any talks about gardening that the volunteers might be doing on the day. The garden features vegetables and herbs, providing nutritious, home grown produce which the volunteers have used to make delicious meals to share with residents and staff of SVCS Eltham. The community garden has been great in facilitating connections across the Eltham community. 

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits, especially for residents living in aged care. It is an enjoyable form of exercise, encouraging use of all motor skills and helping to maintain mobility and flexibility. It stimulates the senses through smell, touch, sight, as well as encouraging reminiscing about residents' own gardens. Importantly for aged care residents, it also improves wellbeing as a result of interaction with people from the wider community. 

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