She still misses her home (so how does aged care help?)

Marzia came to aged care at St Vincent's Corinda six months ago because she’s a bit forgetful. 

Well, she puts it a little differently to that. 

I'm a lot forgetfulused to think I wasn’t, but I do realize I am forgetful. 

aged care lady in a garden

I've been on my own for 20 years. I lived just down the road at Corinda not far from Corinda station. I had my home there. 

And then my family started to worry about me being there on my own. 

“Anyway, my daughter looked around, found this place and she checked out a lot of places and this one fits. It suits me very well.” 

These days, I'm quite happy to be here. 

"So, the house has been sold and it's empty and it's gone. But well, you can't dwell on that.” 

Having only lived at St Vincent's Care Corinda for 6 months now, the pain of moving from her own home hasn’t truly gone away for Marzia. 

But when you’ve lived in the same suburb and same house for over 20 years, no one would expect that would be easy. But things are starting to look up now more than ever.

“It's a nice, nice place. And I've got a nice room. I came here with my daughter and my son, we all came and had a look and I picked out this room. I said, ‘That's the one I want,’ and I was lucky enough I could get it.” 

I miss my home, but it's, it's so old and emptied and I've got all I can have, so it's good. But my daughter looks after everything for me, she's doing a good job, so yeah. I've got a lot to be thankful for. 

So, it's all very nice. The people are lovely. 

A move to aged care brings a lot of challenges, but it also brings new opportunities. Marzia talked more about the lifestyle program at Corinda and had even mentioned the weekly bus trips.

As I say, usually we will go on or have a drive. One morning tea or whatever, but yeah. And I like to do that. I always like to go for a drive in the country and things like that. 

When she’s not going on bus trips and drives, Marzia still stays active in the aged care home. 

I like participating in the games that we play. And you know, get together and they organize different games and we have an entertainer come. We have one coming on Monday. Dennis his name is. Seen him a few times and he comes and sings. Mm-Hmm you know, it's all good. Yeah. But it's, it is nice to mix with people. You know, in the dining room and that.” 

A lot of nice people here.  It's good.  

We all chat away. For most of us. Yeah. And you know, some people quieter than others. 

But like at any home, there’s opportunities to take some time and relax and even just get out and around the block safely. 

You get time for yourself. I like to read, I've got books and that. 

I like mysteries. I've got a few books of my own.  

“I like to exercise. I like to walk.” 

“Usually somebody takes me out perhaps once in a week and we walk around, out, up to the corner or hopefully the second corner.” 

“I'm happy to be here.  I didn't like leaving the house, but no. I came to realize it was what I needed to do.” 

While no one is immune to the challenges of leaving home, Marzia showed a lot of strength in making the move to aged care. We’re glad to be a part of her life and journey and adding whatever we can to keep making tomorrow a better day. 

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