Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Site Terms and Conditions

Please read this agreement as using this site means you (either an entity or an individual) agree to all the terms and conditions within this document.

Site Terms

By using this website meaning installing, browsing or any other means of accessing svcs.org.au and its group member sites, sub domains or other derivative of the web address svcs.org.au, you agree to all the terms and conditions within this document. St Vincent's Care Services (SVCS) authorises you to use all the content within this site for personal use. Non-authorised commercial use of this site is prohibited. The content and materials within this site are copyrighted and are upheld by Australian copyright laws.

Use of Content

If any of the content within this site is to be used for commercial purposes, you are to first contact St Vincent's in writing. Once you receive written permission from SVCS to use the content within this site for commercial purposes, you must retain all copyright information and notices within the document/s. You must not modify, change or recreate the content in any way and must use the site content for its intended purpose only. Content within this site must not be used on any other website and is strictly forbidden. If any breach of the use of content terms has taken place you must remove it from public viewing and destroy all copies.


All site content, images, software statistics and intellectual property are provided on an as is basis and is without warranty of any kind. SVCS does not guarantee the accuracy of the site content, software provided by SVCS or nominated party software nor any services on the site. Information provided on this site may or may not refer to your country; it is up to the user to find out if the information presented is relevant to a particular state. SVCS may alter the site content, software or any intellectual property from time to time without notification.

Liability limitations

In no event will SVCS, nominated parties or resellers be held liable to any party or organisation for any indirect, direct or any other repercussion that may arise due to the use of any software provided, even if SVCS has instructed. Liability includes, but is not limited to, loss of data, loss of programs, loss of profits or business operation impedance, loss of good will, merchant fraud or any other issue that may arise. All site content is provided to the public on an as is basis and does not carry any warranties or guarantees whatsoever.


Any identifiable design patents or trademarks represented on this site are the legal property of it proprietors. Only through express permission are you to use these design patents or trademarks. For use of any of the design patents or trademarks used within this site you must first obtain permission from the relevant external parties.


Linking from an external site to this site and its subdirectories is permitted if the following guideline are met. By linking to this site you agree to: not present misleading information about this site; not bring this site or SVCS into disrepute; not use any images on the external linking site; not align itself with SVCS or attempt to; not contain content that is reprehensible or otherwise damaging to this site or SVCS and is within the relevant law of its state. 

Linking from this site to any external site is provided for information purposes only. In the event that any user uses a link to an external site, they do so at their own risk. SVCS does not guarantee that the link will provide the desired information nor does it endorse the content found within the sites pages. If for any reason you feel that a breach of these terms and conditions has taken place or you are unsure of these terms please contact SVCS.