Bardon’s Beer Barons brew blessed beverage

Bardon’s Beer Barons brew blessed beverage

Bardon’s Beer Barons brew blessed beverage

8th January 2020

Something has been brewing over at St Vincent’s Care Services Bardon!

Residents have added a new skill to their repertoire, by becoming burgeoning beer barons.

A home brewing club was established in October 2019 as part of the residential aged care facility’s activity program, under the guidance of the Leisure and Lifestyle Co-ordinator and home brewing enthusiast, Robert Zosars. A small but passionate group of residents took up the challenge, selecting the type and flavour of beer and the product name for the inaugural batch.

Bardon’s Beer Barons brew blessed beverage

After deciding on a mild Australian Pale Ale and a Fresh Wort Kit to enable the brewing process, the group enlisted the help of other residents, staff and families to suggest a name for the finished product. During one of the facility’s weekly Happy Hour events, the name Heavenly Brewed Ale was selected out of a hat.

Once the beer had finished its first fermentation, on a very rainy day, a bottling production line was set up, with about 11 residents, staff and family members put to the task. A total of 24, 750ml bottles were filled and capped. While waiting for its second fermentation in the bottle, a staff member designed the bottle labels, with the logo aptly capturing the essence of the beer name!

Finally, on 1 November, the day had arrived to sample the final product. The first tasting of Heavenly Brewed Ale coincided with the facility’s annual Resident Memorial Day, making it a very special day to not only celebrate the beer, but also raise a toast in tribute to residents recently lost.

Bardon’s Beer Barons brew blessed beverage

And the verdict? The first bottle ‘had a nice pop’ when opened, and according to residents “tasted really good and was very effervescent”.

Whilst bottles that came after didn’t have quite the same ‘pop’ and were "a bit flat", it didn’t affect the taste or refreshing quality of the beer, with everyone commenting it tasted great. Many residents now prefer the Heavenly Ale to their standard XXXX Gold at Happy Hour!

With the first batch a great success, the club will continue in 2020, with plans to try a variety of beer types and flavours, including ginger beer. The group is even considering brewing larger quantities for kegs for celebrations such as Australia Day and Christmas, so more people at the facility can enjoy the divine taste of Bardon’s Heavenly Brewed Ale!

Bardon’s Heavenly Brewed Ale!