100 year old Frank wants a healthy planet for the next generation

Why plant a tree if you will not be the one it shades?

This is a very common philosophical question that identifies the need to do things that you will not be the direct benefit of. Why should we have to change our way of life when the damage or aftermaths won’t affect us in our lifetime? Well, the answer is simple. We do it for love; the love for our planet and the love for our future generations.

john foley and his familly on his 90th birthday

We have one earth, and one chance to create a healthy and happy world for future generations. While governments around the world are on a mission to meet net zero goals, we as individuals have the opportunity to make small changes that will create a cleaner planet. This is not just a job for the younger generations who will be the ones who are fighting climate change throughout their lives but everyone who wants to create a healthy environment for years to come. It is not too late to create lifestyle changes that will benefit the world. 

A small step on a giant journey 

At St Vincent’s we like to give residents the opportunity to participate in activities that they enjoy and help create moments that bring joy to them and their loved ones. At Heathcote, we were blessed with one particular resident whose goal is to help save the environment. In the lead up to his 100th birthday, Frank wanted to create an initiative that influenced his impact on the land.

“I had a recycling box in my room for papers and whatnot. I have always had an interest in this area and raised the issue with the team and it has been developed further to feature recycling bins on site of plastics,” says Frank. “But I only made a minor contribution to get things moving along. The work was a collaboration between me and the staff.” 

Even at 100, Frank isn't one to rest on his laurels


While the program started with one bin, the demand grew and now there are five around the facility to cater for the love and care of residents wanting to create a positive environment.With a passion to transform the Aged Care industry for the better and enhance the sustainability of a growing industry, Frank is advocating for the increased use of solar and renewable energy on sites. 

“I have sent letters about getting solar on the roof of villages. It is something that I thought about before I came into Aged Care,” says Frank. “I’m aware of the cost of implementing solar panels, however if we start with one unit block and watch the benefits it brings in, we can slowly increase the amount of panels we use across the home.”

“We have to start somewhere and increase from there.”

”Sustainability is an industry wide issue, and with one provider taking action to influence the climatic changes will ripple through the community and create a larger and more influential impact. “It could start and encourage others, our neighbours or other retirement places also to start. We have got to start somewhere. We can’t just leave it to someone else to do,” says Frank. 

We at St Vincent’s supports Franks Footprint and look forward to working with him to help advocate for the sustainability of the entire industry. Frank’s Footprint is currently in operation at Heathcote, however with a passion to make a difference, we are working at ways we can scale the initiative to include other facilities. Allowing our Aged Care community to contribute to the positive and healthy future of their loved ones. “We no longer can take small steps but make big changes to help save the planet we have,” says Frank.

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