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St Vincent's offers a range of services in this areas. Can't find what you are looking for? Call us for a chat on 1800 778 767.

St Vincent's Aged Care Maroochydore

St Vincent's Aged Care Maroochydore

37 Baden Powell St, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Dementia Care

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Gympie

St Vincent's Aged Care Gympie

Cnr Calton Hill Road and Bligh Street, Gympie QLD 4570

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Carseldine

St Vincent's Aged Care Carseldine

736 Beams Rd, Carseldine QLD 4034

Dementia Care

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Boondall

St Vincent's Aged Care Boondall

2141 Sandgate Rd, Boondall QLD 4034

Dementia Care

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Mitchelton

St Vincent's Aged Care Mitchelton

46 Church Road, Mitchelton QLD 4053

Dementia Care

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Bardon

St Vincent's Aged Care Bardon

59 Main Avenue, Bardon QLD 4065

Dementia Care

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Kangaroo Point

St Vincent's Aged Care Kangaroo Point

411 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care

Palliative Care

St Vincent's Aged Care Carina

St Vincent's Aged Care Carina

141 Fursden Rd, Carina QLD 4152

Dementia Care

24/7 Nursing Care

Respite Care & Palliative Care

Find a home in our Sunshine Coast aged care

From our boutique nursing home in Gympie down to our state-of-the-art aged care in Maroochydore, St Vincent’s Care on the Sunshine Coast has you covered with a care that celebrates you for who you are. 

Our Sunshine Coast aged care homes include: 

Full activities calendar

24/7 registered nurse

Close to shopping and leisure

Church located nearby

Allied health providers

Our aged care services

Residential Aged Care

Find the extra support you need to live your best life.

24/7 nursing care and a lifestyle calendar that always leaves you with something to do -- that's residential aged care at it best.

Enquire now about Sunshine Coast aged care

Secure Dementia Care

24/7 compassionate dementia care available in a secure wing.

St Vincent's is here for the hugs, tears and everything in between. Every win, every regression, every loss. We're not going anywhere.

Learn more about dementia care on the Sunshine Coast

Respite Care

Need a break? Going on holiday?

Whether you're looking for respite care at home, in the community, or in an aged care home, St Vincent's has got you covered.

Learn more about respite care on the Sunshine Coast

Need a break? Going on a holiday?

aged care resident in lounge with tea

My aunt was adamant that she was NOT going into an aged care facility. She now looks great! She has companions and enjoys being part of the daily activities. She refers to the facility as “home”. The staff are wonderful. They look after her beautifully and treat us as a family with care and advise us regularly what is going on and anything she needs. I am so glad that we as a family chose St Vincent’s Care.

Julie Smith Family Member

Meet your Aged Care Sunshine Coast Team

  From clinical, to lifestyle, to spiritual needs, your support team are there to support you in the outcomes you want from your aged care journey.

Facility manager

Responsible for the wellbeing of all staff and residents. Whatever the situation your Facility Manager is always on hand to help.

Care manager

Supports the registered nurses and lends their expertise with any health issues or concerns that need an extra set of eyes.

Lifestyle coordinators

Organises a lifestyle and activities program in the home that is fun, consistent and great for residents’ well-being.

Pastoral carer

Provides spiritual and emotional care to residents, families and staff.

Admissions coordinators

Your point of contact for touring homes and helping answer any questions you have about aged care.

Allied health

Health specialists including physiotherapists, podiatrists, dietitians and more that keep residents healthy and happy.

Care workers

Provide personal day to day support for you in your home. They also love having a laugh with residents!

Maintenance workers

Keeps homes running smoothly through facility repairs, gardening and more!


Nurses administer medication, coordinate care plans and are the trusted go between for families and residents.


The most important members of St Vincent’s communities and an important part of supporting you to feel welcome, valued, and safe


Assist the pastoral care and lifestyle teams to make life in the St Vincent’s community brighter and better

St Vincent's Staff Qualifications

Have questions about St Vincent's staff and their qualifications? Learn more about the rules and regulations around hiring in aged care, as well as some examples of the training our people go through to give you the best possible care.

aged care staff meeting

Just need answers?

Call St Vincent’s and our team can:

  • Simply explain the three different ways people pay for aged care
  • Discuss how you can maximise your government subsidies
  • Ensure you get the right level of care for your needs
  • Get the right information, quickly and easily through My Aged Care
residents sitting together having barbecue with a spread of food on the table

What does the first 30 days look like in Aged Care?

The first 30 days in aged care are known to be the toughest time for someone moving in. So, what can you expect at St Vincent’s in the first month?

aged care residents sitting at a cafe together having a coffee

The 4 Steps to Get Aged Care

Step 1
Call our team

St Vincent’s can help guide you through the start of the aged care process as well as the do’s and don’ts of getting the assessments and support you need.

Step 2
Take a private tour

Tour a St Vincent’s home and make sure it's the right community and setting for you.

Step 3
Make a plan

Work with your care team to create a tailored care and lifestyle plan that’s ready for you when you move in.

Step 4
Move in

Move in and meet with your week one support team of managers, care workers, pastoral carers and lifestyle coordinators who will help you get settled into your new home

How to pay for aged care

Still unsure about how the cost of aged care works? Check out St Vincent’s guide on paying for aged care.

aged care residents sitting opposite each other in the dining room

How to get the most out of your ACAT Assessment

For many families, the thought of being ‘assessed’ is a scary one. At St Vincent’s we can talk you through how to get the most out of your assessment to make it the process easy and worthwhile.  

a resident holding a trowel digging into a vegetable garden

Do I need aged care or home care?

Are you or your loved one capable of staying at home? Or do you need to consider aged care?

Let us help you find our the right path for you.

residents watering a garden

Frequently asked questions

Residential care is a term used to describe the general care and support provided in an aged care home. You might also hear an aged care home referred to as a nursing home or an aged care facility. Essentially, aged care is help and care in a friendly environment.

There are a range of people helping to keep residents happy and healthy in aged care homes. You can learn more here.

Making the right choice for aged care can be one of the toughest decisions you can make. For a summary of how you can be best prepared, learn more here.


1. See where your parents are coming from with their concerns
2. Provide examples of how aged care can help
3. Tell them how you feel or what you've seen
4. Bring a friend to the conversation

Learn more about how to talk about aged care with your family.

The beginning of a move into aged care can seem scary. But if you're wanting more detail on what it's like to live in aged care, you can read our guide on what the first 30 days of aged care are actually like.


St Vincent's employs strict infection management protocols and procedures to limit outbreaks of any infectious diseases (including COVID-19)

View a full list of safety protocols and some of the steps St Vincent’s took in response to the pandemic.

Aged care costs are confusing. There are multiple acronyms and ways of paying for aged care that can make it feel extremely complicated.

View a quick summary of how aged care costs work, here.

The topic of staff qualifications and staff numbers comes up often in aged care,

Qualifications for staff in home care vary depending upon the role and services delivered. 

Staff will be qualified in everything from a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community), which provides ground-level knowledge and practical experience you would need to work in aged care all the way through to a Bachelors in Nursing (or similar) to work as a Registered or Enrolled Nurse.

Learn more about staff and qualifications 


What care is right for me?

Learn More
two aged care residents sitting opposite each other in a dining room